Find out how you can help, by attending meetings, held 5:30 pm, the third Thursday of each month at the Community Center, 810 Oak Lane, RL, or send email to Pam at  The Rio Linda Elverta Community Watch is sponsored in part by the RLE Chamber.






January 21, 2009

5:30 to 6:30pm

Rio Linda Elverta Community Center

810 Oak Lane, Rio Linda


We will address your concerns and relay them to our



Community Watch Meets The Third Thursday

Of Each Month


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Sponsored in part by: Rio Linda Elverta Chamber Of Commerce


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Community Oriented Policing is considered an integral and primary part of a community policing program but it is not community policing in and of itself. What it represents is a powerful tool that assists police agencies in considering the totality of the environment that gives rise to crime and crime problems. This allows us to move from an incident based, reactive response to crime, to a proactive, problem-solving response. Are you into playing games? Go to the lucky pharao tricks. There is the best offer for you!

The origins of problem oriented policing began with the work of Herman Goldstein, a University of Wisconsin Law Professor. Nearly all of the problem solving efforts in police departments today began with his work.

In general, POP Officers attempt to focus on impacting crime vs. counting arrests, tickets etc. The long term change in environment is a truer measure of success. Extensive efforts have been made to mobilize communities to increase the reporting of crimes, correct annoying conditions in neighborhoods and make demands on absentee landlords, employers and businesses.

To achieve success we rely heavily on the partnership with the community. It is evident that law enforcement alone cannot turn the tide of crime. The police can, at best, only assist in this task. Getting the job done effectively requires the greater involvement of all citizens and a close working relationship between the two. To bridge the communication gap between the community and law enforcement, the Northwest Division participates in monthly Community Meetings. These meetings are held once a month for each respective community. The Northwest Division has the responsibility of four communities (North Highlands, Rio Linda, Foothill Farms and Antelope). Therefore, the POP Officers in your area attend four separate meetings each month. The meetings give the public direct access to their respective POP Officer and an opportunity to educate us on recent crime activity, problem areas/people and neighborhood nuisenses.

Having witnessed each of the above meetings, I personally feel they are and opportunity for us to share invaluable information. Often times we are unaware of a particular problem, but with the assistance of the community, we are able to locate, address and hopefully permanently remove the problem for the community.

In addition to community meetings, we also attend many other important information sharing meetings with local merchants, Board of Supervisors and school funtions. We recently acquired the use of a School Resource Officer through the Center High School District. While this officer primarily operates under the direct control of Center High School, he works directly alongside your POP Team during school breaks and is an invaluable resource on juveniles in the area.

It appears you have had the opportunity to meet POP Officer Harmon. I agree with your assessment of his character and I am happy to address your additional questions regarding his knowledge of Rio Linda. Prior to being chosen as a POP Officer, Deputy Harmon worked the Northwest Division (Rio Linda) for over seven (7) years and was a Field Training Officer for two (2) of those seven years. Therefore, Deputy Harmon was not only familiar with the area, he was also tasked with the responsibility of training new officers on problem areas within the community.

POP Officer Harmon has volunteered his time on weekends getting to know the community on a more personal level and readily accepts invitations to community events, breakfasts etc. To remain up to date on the area, Deputy Harmon works directly with our Gang Detail on local gangs and trends in the community and schools. It would be fulfilling to list his achievements and successful projects thus far in Rio Linda, but I don’t want to lose focus of what your question entailed as I’m sure you are aware of some of these successes (we arrested 50 people in a 4 day period just last week).

Your POP Team’s hope for your community is that we can make it better with your continued assistance. Although Deputy Harmon is your assigned POP Officer, the entire team works together to provide all of our communities a safer environment and personal service.

I hope this addressed your question and provided the information necessary. If you desire more information or have any future questions, please feel free to contact me.

Sergeant Kate Adams
POP Sergeant
Northwest Division
(916) 332-2131